The Doctor

February 2, 2007

This is Cristina’s report of her first visit with her new general practicioner on 02/01/07. The Doctor’s name is Rhoda Estrella-something. She was referred to us by several close friends who have lived in our area significantly longer than we have. Apparently she is pretty nice. Anyway, the morning (again, according to Cristina) went a little something like this:

8:20 Arrived at Dr. Estrella-something’s office

8:25 Filled out new patient paperwork

8:30 (My scheduled appointment time) Waited.

8:45 The waiting continues. At this point I am wondering if I am going to make it to a 10:00 am work meeting or if I am going to end up walking in late and feeling embarrassed. I hate that.

9:00 I’m still waiting. At this point I realize that because of the recent positive at-home preganacy test, I should probably inform the office staff that I’ll need an official clinical test. I do this and they give me a cup for a urine sample. This would probably be more fun if the more personal Doctor’s office bathroom was unoccupied. As it is, the staff instructs me to use the buildings public restroom.

9:05 I stow away my urine cup in my purse and carefully and evenly walk back to Dr. Estrella-something’s office (because seriously, who wants to see someone walking down the hall with a sample cup full of pregnancy pee?)

9:06 I give my pee to the nurse so that I can sit and wait

9:10 An offical 40 minutes after my scheduled appointment, I am called back by a nurse in red hawaiian scrubs. She takes me to the scale to get my weight… let’s move on.

9:12 I go into the exam room where the nurse takes my vitals. Everything looks to be in order. I explain to her that I am here for a routine physical and for a pregnancy test

9:14 The nurse: “Oh yeah, the test was positive” She leaves after mentioning the doctor will be in soon

Not soon The doctor comes in

9:31 Doctor Estrella-something: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant”. And thus it’s official. We are having a baby.

9:33 Dr. asks if I have been feeling well. I tell her that I have a little trouble eating breakfast sometimes and have been going to bed really early

9:35 She asks me about my OB/GYN, I tell her about Dr. Byrne (sp?) (another recommendation by friends) and she writes me the referral. She congratulates me again and leaves

9:40 I leave the office and call Ryan to relay the offical declaration.

I make it to my 10:00 meeting


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