The Lie Chronicles. #001 – Bobby

February 2, 2007

This first lie actually only counts as a half-lie (not to be confused with the PC Game “Half-Life” in which, you destroy life as opposed to creating it). I say a half-lie because it occurred on the Saturday night before we took the home pregnancy test and we only had strong suspicions that we had created said life.

I  stopped by Bobby’s internet gaming store to hang out for a couple hours. In the course of our conversation, I inadvertently used a phrase to the effect of:

“Well, when the baby is born I am hoping I can make enough to let Cristina decide whether she wants to go back to work or not”

Bobby eyed me suspiciously.

It’s funny how the implication is completely altered when you say “when the baby is born” as opposed to saying “when we have a baby”. I quickly lied directly to Bobby’s face. As Kyle Russell would say, no regrets!

“I don’t mean Cristina’s pregnant, I’m just saying , you know, in general, when we have the baby we plan to have one day, that we aren’t having right now, errr…”

Well… it wasn’t the perfect cover-up but he bought it, so I guess it was good enough.


One comment

  1. Ummm I would not say I bought it but more or less believed that this man who had never lied to me in my life would obviously be telling me the truth. I will never believe a word from Ryans mouth again.

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