The Lie Chronicles. #002 – Lying

February 25, 2007

I mentioned last time that I had every intention of chronicling our lies. Apparently that was a lie. We didn’t really realize how fast and furious the lies would build upon themselves. A couple short examples:

Robin called us the morning we took the pregnancy test and Cristina plainly and unremorsefully reported that there was no baby this time around.

We suggested a dinner party with the entire Russell family. They mistakenly assumed this was because we wanted to make a formal baby announcement. The result was an aggressive campaign of pregnancy misinformation during the week leading up to, and the night of, the dinner. The battle of wits culminated in Mark challenging Cristina to take a pregnancy test. We thought we were done for. Fortunately, a distracting comment was made by Debbe at the last second and the challenge went unanswered. A close call nonetheless.

Amanda Caples kindly offered Cristina some advice on getting pregnant and being patient. Cristina was six weeks along during this conversation.

There are quite a few more lies that we spread amongst our friends and family. But that’s all over now.. so let’s move on to a new topic…

How we revealed our pregnancy (coming soon)


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