Oriental Fire-bellied Toad

April 21, 2007

As the title suggests, we recently purchased an Oriental fire-bellied toad.

He’s not actually a toad. He’s a frog and to be frank, we’re not even sure that “he” is a “he”, “he” may be a “she”. That’s the tricky thing about these guys… or girls. There aren’t any easy ways to specify the gender. For now we have decided he is a male because he has yet to put on a skirt or even a little bit of eyeliner.

We also decided, because of his gender and his Oriental geneaology, to name him Benihana. We recognize that this is blatant stereotyping but honestly, it’s funny, so we’re sticking to it. Besides, we call him by his more benign nickname: Beni when our token Asian friends are around so it’s cool.

Some of you may be asking yourselves: Why is there a story about a frog on a baby website? Or maybe you are thinking: Why did they get a frog? Or maybe you are wondering: How did they get a frog all the way from Oriental-land to America-place?

Well, I can only answer one of those questions, so here goes:

We bought the frog as a kind of preparation for taking care of a baby. Consider the following true facts*:

  1. Benihana has slightly toxic skin >> Baby diapers are toxic.
  2. Benihana must be fed crickets regularly >> Babies must be fed regularly… although they can’t have solid food for many months. So all the crickets will go to Benihana until the baby is about a year old. Then it can eat Benihana
  3. If Benihana does not get enough carotene in his diet, his orange belly will lose it’s color >> Babies often get jaundice and lose their color
  4. Benihana needs to have his water changed regularly >> Babies spit up a lot on to their clothes and need to be changed regularly.
  5. Sometimes Benihana wakes up in the middle of the night and cries until he is fed and then has to be softly rocked back to sleep >> I don’t really know how this is similar to a real baby, but I’m sure it is helping us to prepare somehow.

In short, we have taken another momentous step towards parenthood and would like to think that Benihana is just another example of how we are “doing it right” (A phrase  which, coincidentally, describes how Cristina got pregnant in the first place).

*The “facts” presented are not necessarily true


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  1. Still waiting on an update?!?!?!?!?

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