Two months of silence

June 30, 2007

The American jouranlist Mignon McLaughlin once said:

“Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense”

It is in that spirit that I write this post today.

There has been a silence on this blog — Cristina and I had long ago found out she was pregnant, verified (as far as possible) that the baby was healthy, and settled in for what I now tentatively call “Quiet time”. Specifically, this means that there was nothing new to announce since Cristina hasn’t experienced any of the common pregnancy side effects and her tummy was growing only minimally (Frankly, for awhile it wasn’t clear to the uniformed eye whether she was pregnant or a too frequent visitor to In-N-Out Burger)

Then tension and suspense began to build as we neared the date of the gender determinant ultrasound. Yet the blog remained silent. Only the brave can endure suspense right?

Finally the day arrived, June 21st. Our family all gathered together in San Marcos, CA at a place called “The Ultrasound Experience”. There were something like 22 or 23 people in attendance. In the words of the attendant technician:

“I think you set the record for the largest group ever”

For the first few minutes Cristina’s placenta kept getting in the way of the ultrasounds. Thankfully the technician was relentless. After pushing the baby around in the womb a bit to get a good angle, we all heard the news.

It’s a girl!

Yep, through a fortunate twist of chromosomal pairing, we are now the proud owners of a built in babysitter (although the babysitting feature will not be fully functional until approximately 2019). We realize that we sacrificed a built in gardener and garbage-boy. But hey, in life there’s always a trade-off. Which is one of the many lessons I have already taken away from this life-altering event.

We are genuinely excited about the news and for those of you who want to know, we have a name already:

Sariah Lena Moore

The explanation for the name will be provided in future posts. For now, enjoy some pictures (some pics might be blurry cause it was dark and to get good exposure we had to slow down the shutter speed. Once you do that, any movement by the photographer spoils the shot. Stop whining about it already) :







  1. I’m so happy for you guys! I’m such a proud Auntie! I guess that means I need to go dress shopping. MY favorite thing to do! Love you! Can’t wait to meet you you Sariah.

  2. Yay!!! I am SO happy for you two. I am sure Robin is happy that little Elodie is going to have someone to play barbies with. :0) Congratulations!!!! (And thanks for taking some of the pressure off me!!)

  3. YAY!!! Congratulations! Cristina, you look gorgeous!

  4. Ha – I can’t believe you had that many people in the room for the ultrasound! What a crack up… I’m surprised they let that many people in there. How fun! Congrats! I hope I get a girl one day…

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