What’s with the name?

July 3, 2007

As mentioned previously, we have chosen to name our daughter Sariah Lena Moore.

Let’s talk about Sariah – from the online encyclopedia “Wikipedia”…

In the Book of Mormon, Sariah (Arabic سرايا Sarāyā) is the wife of Lehi, and the mother of Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Nephi, Jacob, and Joseph.

Among LDS linguists, prevalent consensus of the meaning of the name “Sariah” is שׂריה Śaryāh “the LORD is prince”, and an alternative voicing of the name Seraiah.

So what’s the story here? Well, in a nutshell, a prophet from the Book of Mormon (Lehi) is told in a vision that he is to pack up his family and his stuff and leave Jerusalem before it is destroyed.

Sounds rad doesn’t it? I mean seriously, who hasn’t thought to themselves, “Hmm, I would love to abandon my life’s accumulated wealth, pack my family and a few necessities onto these fragrant and friendly camels, and slog through the desert sand.”

The best part? Lehi had NO IDEA WHERE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GO!

I can just imagine how it would go if this was my dad:

“Hey son, get your backpack, we’re heading to the maojave”

“Yeah sure dad, let me just finish this gam… wait, what?”

“You heard me, God said to start walking to Arizona because San Diego is going to be blasted to smithereens”

“Yeah sure Dad. Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you go first, I’ll stay here and build an ark in case it rains.”

Anyway, Lehi packs up everyone and takes his family out into the wilderness. Sariah is Lehi’s wife and she faithfully trudges alongside her sweet hubby — off-kilter though he may seem. Sariah voices a minor touch of discontent when things seem to be at their very worst but by all accounts (including a commentary by her son, her husband and the Lord) she proves to be faithful in spirit.

Her seemingly inimitable faith is matched only by her implied physical endurance as she cares for her large family and some guests along the rugged “trail”.

I don’t know that my own little Sariah will be called upon to display such traits of physical fortitude. I do know that her faith will surely be tested and that the perilous times she will grow up in will beat upon her spiritual, emotional and intellectual strength. I hope that the knowledge of her namesake will offer her a notion of sustaining power as she faces life’s trials.

And that’s why we picked Sariah.

More on “Lena” to come…


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