July 5, 2007

Curses! I’ve bin lookgni thruogh soem of my reccent posts and noiciting that Ive been maiknig a lot of typos.

Sorry. Im not as thnik as yu drnuk I am.

 I just don’t get around to writing some of these posts until a bit later on in the evening and my motor skills have begun to wane. Add to that the fact that I am back on weight watchers (It’s just so fun I couldn’t stay away. More on that nightmare later).  The wicked combination of sleep/food deprivation is a recipe for a grammatical disaster of Vesuvian proportions .

Even now, the clock is ticking towards 10:00. Another typing crisis looms on the sun-bereft horizon. I beter sotp befor its’ to laet…. 

(Follow up: Apparently my typing skills don’t just fall apart when it gets late, my ability to refrain from writing weird posts evaporates as well.. ) 


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