Weight Watchers

July 6, 2007

Some of you (I say that phrase with a dose of hyperbole as if there were more than two to three people that read this blog with any sort of remote regularity) remember that last year, Cristina and I trained for and ultimately ran an entire 26.2 mile marathon.

As part of that training, Cristina started doing weight watchers and I followed along half-heartedly (meaning, I stopped eating her food after polishing off my whole meal and I cut back on nightly rituals like a whole bowl of popcorn). Since then we had both abandoned watching our diet. Although I have continued running somewhat regularly by training for a couple half marathons and running semi-regularly during the week.

Unfortunately just running hasn’t been enough so I have started up weight watchers again. Currently I get 28 points per day. To put this into perspective:

  1. a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread, an apple and a granola bar are 11 points.
  2. A small bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice is 7 points.
  3. A “Bloomin’ onion” from Outback steakhouse is 56 points (yes you read that correctly — the appetizer alone is worth two entire days of points).

“Oh don’t worry” the weight watchers proponents will tell you

“There’s lots of foods that are zero points”

This is true, however the list of foods that are zero points consists of items like

Celery (want some peanut butter on that? Two points!!)

Broccoli (Want some peanut butter on that? Two points!!)

A small orange (Want some peanut butter on that? Yep, two points.)

So the first two days were hellish. Then I got used to the smaller portions. Although I am no longer famished, even my small meals still seem to rack up points faster than Kobe Bryant playing in a middle school Phys. Ed. basketball class.

I just have to keep reminding myself that I need to keep to the system, cause I would totally feel bad if I knew that I could win a twenty dollar Lowe’s gift card just by squeezing through a really narrow corridor and the only thing that prevented me from doing it was that I had eaten an entire “bloomin’ onion” with peanut butter on it the night before.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the Banana picture I used to accompany this post, it’s a bit of internet pop culture. You can watch the video here



  1. Hahaha! Diets suck! Hang in there… but not if you’re miserable. Life is short, food is good.

  2. Life is short, food is good

    So true, in fact, the only reason I am dieting is so I can get light enough to be able to consistently run longer and faster. Hopefully this will allow me to go back to eating everything I can find without packing the pounds back on 🙂

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