July 11, 2007

Susan chastised me the other day after reviewing some of my recent posts. Apparently this blog was supposed to be filled with all kinds of insights into the types of feelings I am having as we go through the various stages of Cristina’s pregnancy.

Well, I hate to break it to you Susan, but I don’t actually have “feelings”.  What I do have are calculated analysis.

I have considered the following since we found out we were having a girl:

  1. My firstborn will probably not be the starting quarterback for the San Diego Chargers
  2. In about 12 years we will have a built in babysitter
  3. In addition to college, we now have to also start saving for a wedding.
  4. Two words: Slumber parties
  5. Cristina will have to be the one who has the conversation that starts with “When a man and a woman love each other very much…”
  6. My best friend has a boy that is going to be about a year older than my daughter. If they even think about liking each other, I’ll have to send her to Siberia which will be unfortunate for everyone.

That’s just the top six of many.

Oh I guess there is one more:

The other day I was at the mall where I saw a woman with her daughter (who was about 5 years old). The mother looked just like you would expect she would after keeping tabs on a small child in a large mall for a long period of time. In a word: exhausted.

I suspect that the plan was for this mother to spend the afternoon at the mall with her daughter where they would meet up with the father and maybe go to dinner or something. The following scene unfolded:

Daddy finally appears on the scene about 5o feet away from Mommy and daughter. He grins as he plots to sneak up on his little girl and surprise her, perhaps with a few tickles. But this was not to be. I suspect that God gives little children the ability, on occasion, to detect the presence of a sneaky Daddy. You know, to keep us from getting too cavalier in our surprise tickle attacks.

That little girl’s sixth sense was fine-tuned this particular day and for no apparent reason, she raised her head from the buttons on her dress and scanned the mall to find the source of the “disturbance”. Her narrowed eyes grew wide when she spotted her father and she involuntarily squealed in delight.

Two little legs began covering the distance as fast as they could. It was a prolonged effort, almost painful to watch as those little sneakers pattered the tile floor and navigated around the lumbering giant adults making their way through the mall.

Finally the gap was narrowed to a couple feet and with unwavering faith in her Daddy this little girl leaped into his outstretched arms. They hugged each other for a tiny eternity before Daddy was filled in on all the important details of her day.

Like I said, I don’t have feelings or anything. But if I did, I  probably would have been pretty moved. I probably would have forgotten that kids are expensive and messy and whiny. I might have even felt a kind of comforting warmth in my heart. You know, if I actually had feelings.



  1. For all those who don’t know my husband very well, I thought I should clarify the statement about him not having any feelings. He does have feelings, he is just not going to be the one to cry while watching a movie or get overly upset when he is cut off in traffic. He pretty much appears the same 24/7. Although I know that inside he is bawling while watching Sleepless in Seattle and is secretly plotting the assassination of the jerk who cut him off on the freeway. I know he is just as excited as I am that in a couple of months little Sariah will be joining our family.

  2. You’re a good writer Ryan. I loved reading that. And all I can say is… I WANT A GIRL!!! sigh…

  3. He does have feelings

    Please disregard the preceding statement. It is a blatantly false and slanderous allegation.

  4. Who wants an update?
    I DO! I DO!

  5. So I’m down in Sandy Eggo for the weekend… visited Krystal and Dan, and found out you’re in their ward. Crazy.

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one with calculated analyses…

  6. Just wait until they smile at you…your heart will melt. On another note, at least you don’t have to worry about the weird cousin attraction thing…well hopefully not!! Sariah and Elodie will be best friends!

  7. I know they will be best friends, like sisters, I am so excited!!!

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