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August 27, 2007

I don’t know why I am writing this post. I just thought of it and decided to do it. Upcoming posts to look forward to are: Putting together baby furniture, Pregnancy/Birthing Class 3 of 4, Maternity Pictures and, of course, more cowbell. 

And now, my list of regularly visited blogs/websites

Blogger of Jared – A Mormon themed blog I started a couple years ago and eventually left to other writers. It was fun while it lasted and we got up to somewhere around 2-300 hits/day at our peak popularity. I quit because it was too demanding, but I check on it often… cause it’s still my baby.

Snide Remarks – I’m a big fan of his humor and regularly disagree with his movie reviews.

Lymphomania – Chronicles my sister’s battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. If you get a chance, read a few of her reflections, you’ll be hard pressed to take life and it’s accompanying blessings for granted.

‘Nef Said – Brent put together a pretty tricked out site which I envy, plus his stories are written in a comedic style that I totally dig. Tami regularly posts in creative formats that I use as ideas for my own posts, plus she is always commenting on other people’s blogs which is the mark of a true saint.

And then there were four – The Whitacres are rad. Tyler is hilarious in person although he rarely posts anything. Wendy is hilarious in all her posts though I rarely talk to her in person. Wendy is also a wicked awesome photographer (I’ll have more on that in a future post).

The Dobron Family  – Hilarious little vignettes of life at home with little ones.  The posts are usually brief and entertaining. It’s a regular stop on my Tour De Blogs

Fark – A totally irreverent take on the daily news. I get a dose of current events with an additional heaping of sarcasm and bitter humor. Just the way I like it.

Slickdeals – User-contributed links to unbeatable deals on… stuff. (including lots of freebies)

I peruse lots of other sites because I have an unhealthy internet addiction. But as of right now, these are my regular daily stops on the information superhighway. Thanks to everybody who contributes to these sites (if you’re reading this anyway). Maybe I’ll do this again in six months because it’ll likely be different.



  1. Yes, my wife is a saint, obviously she showed this by marrying me. This requires much patience and love. And interestingly enough ‘Nef Said is the name of our extended family newsletter.

    I used to read snideremarks, but he started bugging me and stopped being funny at some point that I could never really pinpoint. Maybe I changed. Fark is a staple, digg has supplanted slashdot, and with those really you don’t need any other news sites except to provide the content…

    I guess I’m also partial to the OpinionJournal daily email, which they also post on the web.

  2. I’ll be looking forward to the future installments… especially more cowbell. Ha.

  3. Brent, sorry your comment got stuck in the moderation queue.. It was probably because you left a link.

    I did not mention Digg because I am still warming up to it and because I am on the fence as to what qualifies as a “blog”. I included Fark only because I have seen other sites refer to it as such.

    As to SnideRemarks… I agree that sometimes he’s not so funny. I just think there are enough gems to make it worth a regular visit. One example comes from his regular feature “Ask Eric Stuff”:

    Dear Eric: Why do my parents hate my music so much? — Rockin’ in Rochester
    Dear Rocky: Because you’re the lead singer for Nickelback.


    Dear Eric: My husband and I both work full-time to help pay the rent. But when we get home at night, he expects me to do all the cooking and cleaning too. What should I do? — Cinderella
    Dear Cindy: First the dishes, then the laundry.

  4. More cowbell… Awesome.

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