Umbilical Cord Poll

September 2, 2007

Well, I’ve mentioned this tidbit earlier, but it’s stirred up a bit of controversy. So I am putting it to you all (even you anonymous people who only found this site because you did a google search for Wentworth Miller).

Should I cut the umbilical cord?

You are welcome to vote simply by saying “yes” or “no” anonymously in the comments section. Or you can present arguments pro or con. I’m willing to consider well-reasoned arguments. If no one votes, I’m not going to do it,

Points to consider:

  • I’m not a big fan of cutting bloody things
  • It’s pretty quick and easy
  • It’s purely symbolic (of what? I don’t know). This means my final cut has no impact on the child’s final bellybutton status
  • I’m not interested in getting into an argument with the nurses in the middle of the delivery room: “Come on Ryan, cut it!” “No I don’t wanna!” “DO IT!”

My vote obviously is No

Cristina’s vote is Yes



  1. Ummm, yes I found this because I googled Wentworth Miller! My vote – No. Reason? Because it’s obviously not feeling right for you!

  2. I vote yes. Get some cajones, dude! šŸ˜›

  3. Yes, you big pansy.

  4. I say no.

  5. I did it with Kaden. It wasn’t anything wierd or gross. I can say I did it. that is all there really is too it. Kaylee. They didn’t give me the option. Didn’t hurt my feelings at all not to do it. So I vote for both.

  6. Dude, if you’ve never done it before why not? Life is all about gaining experiences. To say “I did…” is a whole lot better than saying “I never did…” šŸ™‚ Good luck in your decission!

    P.S. Wassup Joel!

  7. David, you make a good point ( as opposed to Brent and Connor šŸ™‚

    Anyone else going to weigh in here? I know this post has been viewed by at least 40 unique visitors so there’s around 30 of you who are shirking your responsibilities here…. let’s go people.

  8. PArdoN my previouS entrY then…

    About your decision to cut your daughters umbilical cord, I think you’re apProAchiNg it incorrectly. The method that workS best is to ignore the possibilitY until the moment appears, then the Dr. looks at you and says, “Do you want to cut the cord?” (As if questioning that you are actually the father). Then because the nurses (it seems a small army invades as soon as the baby is Pulled out) Are lookiNg at you, and the Dr., pluS Your wife (possibly mother-in-law) all judgingly and reproachfully you have no oPtion but to Acquiesce aNd just cut it. Shoot, You aren’t even really given the option, trust me, if you were they wouldn’t seal the umbilical cord and only give you an area of 3 inches to cut.

    The PANSY entry was my way to give you a small taste of what happens when the baby is born.

  9. clever readers will see what Brent just did there.

  10. Clever Brent, very clever.

    I must say I totally agree with what you are saying. That is the reason I think Ryan will cut the cord when it comes down to it.

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