Pictures from the baby shower

September 9, 2007


Here’s the cake before it was wolfed down by the attendees


A shot of the hot legs of my trophy wife


My SiL Robin, holding her daughter Elodie. Cute, yes. Sariah’s cuteness will likely only be four to six tenths greater, on the Murrian-Shalaman cuteness scale.


Yay presents.



  1. Christina, I’m so sorry I missed your shower! I really wanted to go, but this weekend was kind of like the crazy family get together from somewhere close to you know where. I had 6 people staying at my house and a dog. Over the weekend we surprised my mom for her 60th birthday – which I was in charge of, unfortunately. Try organizing this kind of surprise at the beach with 9 siblings/in-laws, 8 grandkids – and a dog. We also welcomed my brother home from his mission, heard him speak, all went to the beach, went to a temple session, out to eat at Islands, and Claimjumper, watched the BYU football game, and celebrated 4 birthdays! Sounds like lots of fun, right? I thought so too… but the reality was rather stressful and exhausting. But the storm is over now, I’m just sorry your shower fell in the middle of it. Don’t worry though – I have a present for you, so you score anyways. And thanks to you and Ryan for your comment on our blog on my birthday! It really did cheer me up and make me laugh.

  2. Wow…sounds like a fun/crazy weekend. No worries about the shower, I figured it would be hard seeing as it was your birthday. I just didn’t realize it was that busy for you, I am sure everything went great. I am excited to celebrate your birthday at girls night on Thursday. What do you want for your birthday? If you don’t give me any ideas I will just have to reread your 25 things list and try and work something off of that.

  3. I’m glad you remembered about girls nite… I wondered if everyone had forgot. It seems like it’s been a long time. I’m easy to please birthday wise. I love to shop so any gift cards are always fun for me… basically anything that enables me to get out of the house. I also like food, smell good things, CD’s… you know, the usual – nothing too exotic… like paper.

  4. To funny Tami, I will keep all that in mind. See you Thursday.

  5. Hey, I made her a picture on the computer… Either she’s easy to please or I’m a pitiful husband.

  6. Brent: yes.

  7. Ummmmm…. that is the perrrrtiest cake I have evah seen!!!!!!!

  8. Wow I really need to lose the baby weight. Note to big sister work out even though everyone tells you breastfeeding will help you lose weight!! At least Elodie is cute!!

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