How it all got crazy…

September 30, 2007

Continued from: “How it all started…”

With Dr. Byrne telling us that we could expect nearly another month until Sariah was born, Cristina and I settled in to a pretty slow routine of preparing for Sariah’s arrival. After all, there was certainly no rush right?

Fast forward to our next doctor appointment, one week later (This puts us at September 19th, for those of you who are making timelines at home with popsicle sticks and play-doh).

We went into this appointment with very low expectations because aside from a minor bout of Braxton-Hicks contractions and some lower back pain, Cristina was still feeling no real indication that the baby was coming out anytime soon.

Dr. Byrne put on his gloves and some gel and performed a quick examination just to verify what we already knew (that she wasn’t getting any closer).

But then something interesting happened — Dr. Byrne measured Cristina’s tummy and stopped short. Then he measured again. And that’s when everything took a left turn. Sariah, in the course of one week, had grown dramatically. Luckily for us, our doctor is a big advocate of getting babies out of tummies before they get too big*. After some brief discussion we decided that prior to the next weeks appointment, Cristina would go in and get an ultrasound because according to Dr. Byrne’s best estimates, Sariah was over eight pounds and still had about two and a half weeks left until her due date.

*The reason for Dr. Byrne’s concern over letting the baby get too big is that he is a very weak man and he worries that if the baby is too heavy he will not be able to safely catch the child as she comes down the slip & slide without dropping her — true story.



  1. So like you’re really gonna do this in chapters??? I want the whole thing! Sorry we’re so lame and didn’t come see you today. No excuses for thinking of coming sooner except for the fact that nursing brain is even worse than pregnancy brain–watch out Ryan–and Dan must be nursing too because he has had some major brain farting going on—and the other kind too but I’ll spare you.Anyway, we’d love to come by when you feel sort of settled at home…or maybe before you feel settled…either way.

  2. um… i want to hear the rest, and cristina when can i come by? SHE IS BEAUTIFUL by the way. CONGRATS.

  3. Lauren…you can come by anytime you want, just give us a call first (951) 303-3121 so we can make sure Sariah is feed and happy before you come.

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