How it all started…

September 30, 2007

The day after my 9/11 post, Cristina and I went in to visit Dr. Byrne. What we were hoping for was some kind of indication that Sariah was due to arrive on-time (October 5th).

The doctor came into the room and hooked Cristina up to a television. Almost immediately a list of upcoming arrivals, flight numbers and, arrival statuses flashed up onto the screen. We noted that Pan-Am Flight 227 from Boston would be arriving late due to inclement weather. After scrolling down for several minutes Dr. Byrne located Sariah’s info on the screen and suggested that with a little bit of luck might actually have a baby by Halloween.

This was not what we wanted to hear. Unfortunately, in labor terms, we had several strikes against us:

  • Sariah was not measuring very big
  • Sariah had not yet “dropped” into the birthing position
  • Cristina was showing no other signs of pre-labor
  • Sariah had built a uterine roadblock consisting of piled up mud, twigs, rocks and Cristina’s left lung

“So what can we do to help things along here?” I asked Dr. Byrne “We heard walking helps the baby drop”

“Absolutely, if Cristina starts walking now, the baby should come out right around Barstow.”

And so I went ahead and bought the tickets for my Catalina trip, departing Friday, September 28th.



  1. You confuse me.

  2. I can only imagine.. hopefully the details will start to become more understandable when I write the rest of the story

  3. Ok, this is just annoying. I need details! All of them!

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