More pics.

October 7, 2007

Sariah with her Auntie Robin and Cristina with her niece Elodie. Elodie is certainly a cutie with those big blue eyes. I’ll give her that.


Sariah with her great grandma and “middle-name-sake”: Lena


Sariah doing her Angelina Jolie impersonation… We injected her lips with collagen the day she was born



One comment

  1. Ok your baby is cute, Charger blue looks good near her!! But I have to say my baby is sooooooo cute, and yes sooooooo is a word! I can’t wait until we can dress them alike and take millions of pictures of them.

    Oh yea Elodie’s new hobby is exploring other people’s mouths, who would have thought!

    Haven’t you tought your daughter to cross her legs yet??

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