Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ on her belly

February 12, 2008

Yes, Sariah has finally reached another developmental stage.

She is now rolling.

Well, to be honest, she started rolling quite a while ago (February 1st, to be exact). Unfortunately I’ve been so wrapped up in my own business that I hadn’t gotten around to including this little tidbit of information.

The very first time she rolled over was witnessed by no one, so it doesn’t count as an official roll-over because the certificate I made up isn’t notarized. It happened while I was on the computer and she was playing on a blanket behind me. I was busy working away and when I turned around to check on her she was not on her back anymore but on her tummy. I, being something of a closet Sherlock Holmes immediately deduced that someone had broken into our house and rolled her over. I spent the next 15 minutes opening doors with a golf club until I realized how ridiculous I was being. Obviously I would have noticed another human being walking around behind me. It must have been elves and of course the elves would no longer be in the house. And even if the elves were still in the house, I wouldn’t be able to see them if they didn’t want me to. It was so painfully obvious that I almost feel stupid admitting that I didn’t figure that out right away.

Nevertheless, being rolled over by elves obviously gave her the idea to roll over on her own. That same day, Cristina came home early so we could take Sariah to the doctor for her shots. It was just prior to getting her shots that she finally rolled over. We think it was her way of avoiding getting her shots because part of her “rolling over” constituted a back handspring off the examination table and a Matrix style run along the wall (see video below). She grabbed the glass jar full of tongue depressors, shattered it on the corner of teh sink and brandished the largest shard of shattered glass at the pediatrician.

Luckily the doctor had seen this type of behavior before and was able to disarm our daughter, give her the vaccination and send us on our way with a free sample of Similac.

So yeah, she can roll over now. We’re so proud…



  1. So here is the offical story, sorry no elves or matrix style moves. So the part about going to the doctor that day is in fact correct. We went to get her shots and the nurse was asking me some questions as she was getting all of Sariah’s measurments. One of the questions was if she had started to roll over yet. I aswered that I think she might have (see elf story above) and that we had yet to see it with our own eyes. Then not more than two minutes later, while the nurse was trying to measure how long she was (23 1/2″), Sariah rolled right over. It was as if she was saying “see, this isn’t so hard”. She continued to show off to everyone who walked into the room. We are defiently are so proud.

  2. Yay Sariah!

  3. And Yay for the Moore’s return to the blogging world!

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