I think I’m so cool

February 15, 2008

**Update, I’ve already changed the header graphic since I wrote this post, so I included the old header, you can see it below….**

So I just made a custom image header (goes at the top of our website)

I think I am pretty awesome especially since I made it in Microsoft Paint instead of an advanced program like Adobe Photoshop (I actually have that program on a disk somewhere so as soon as I load it up, I will tinker with the image a bit more so that the smaller pictures aren’t so fuzzy…. I hope)

Anyway, I pulled some fave photos of ours…

From left to right

  1. A picture of our family from a photo shoot by my sister Susan. Just one of the many dashing and handsome photos of me and my dashingly handsome family dashing handsomely.
  2. A picture I caught of Sariah in her Bumbo chair one day when I was taking a short break from working. When I turned away from my computer, I noticed she was having a great time playing by herself and consequently she decided to smile when I grabbed the camera. This is unusual because she tends to get serious when she sees the camera. This is due to (a) camera curiosity and (b) her long held belief that if she smiles during a picture the camera will steal her soul. She picked up this belief during her studies of contemporary aborigine cultural traditions and legends.
  3. One of my favorites, this picture shows Cristina and Sariah reenacting the hostage scene from the classic Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock movie “Speed”. Sariah looks terrified because she knows that my philosophy has always been to shoot the hostage.
  4. Taken at the wedding of Cristina’s sister Robin and her now-husband Blake. It was a great setting, a little tiny park on a cliff overlooking the ocean in San Diego. The wedding was performed just as the sun was setting and the birds were gliding by on the cool breeze. It was so sweet that two of the guests contracted diabetes — that very evening!
  5. This large photo is the best of her newborn photos and probably would have been the centerpiece of her birth announcements had we ever gotten around to sending any out. It’s kind of an awkward and uncomfortable topic of discussion for us because it highlights our obvious indifference to quaint and reasonable traditions. Oh, orthodoxy… we hardly knew ye….

The old header….



One comment

  1. Of course you shoot the hostage first. Obviously the hostage needs some incentive not to get in that predicament in the first place! You should probably just wing her the first time.

    And about the aboriginal belief of stealing souls… I think that would make a great game to play with your kids (along the lines of stealing their nose). While waving the camera around, “Haha, I stole your soul”.

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