Another video

February 16, 2008

Well, if you read this site much, you’ll notice that I like to post little videos from YouTube fairly regularly. I think it’s a fun way to use other people’s work to entertain you while limiting my own workload to copying and pasting.

Normally, I find videos that relate to the subject of a post. This time, however, the subject of the post is the video. I found this little gem while I was cruising around the net researching a little project I have going. I must have watched this thing 6 or 7 times. It’s so….



The saga continues… only this time, it includes more awesomeness…



  1. I have one question – what the heck was the dog wearing over his nose in that one scene?? HILARIOUS. Gotta love foreigners.

  2. I do not claim to be related to Ryan at all.

  3. Dude, the second video only made the dog that much cooler.

  4. I see your creepiness and raise you this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBXr15K2uSc

  5. All I see when watching that video is: The money they spent on that could have gone toward my mortgage

  6. Brent, that stupid video is going to give me nightmares it was so weird. What the H???

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