Humorous Blogs

February 18, 2008

I recently signed our blog up on a site called: http://humor-blogs.com/

I’m not really sure why I did it. I was just looking around for some other blogs that were funny and found myself at the site, signing up our blog. Since then, I’ve been pulled into a whole new world of reviewing other (ostensibly) humorous blogs, adding links and images to this site and a whole host of other obligations – not the least of which is the obligation to now be relentlessly humorous.

I’m a bit concerned that this obligation might make things awkward around here. It’s like being introduced at a party as “the funny guy” and then being ordered to “say something funny” (coincidentally, I have planned ahead for just such a scenario and have three jokes about Roast Beef, Polar Bears and a Pirate’s private parts, all of which are pretty much guarnteed to make people laugh. After that I figure I can escape from the crowd of laughing on-lookers and spend the rest of the night by the spinach dip. ‘Cause I loves me some spinach dip).

Honestly though, I don’t think I have to try too hard to make this blog humorous because as Sariah is getting older there is more and more funny stuff going on that I can chronicle. Let me give you a “For example….”

For example, this morning when Cristina and I were returning from the gym, Sariah puked all over herself and her car seat like, three times while we were walking into the house. Hilarious, right? I mean, is that comedy gold or what?! Cristina and I could barely hold ourselves together.

I even turned to Cristina halfway through another heave and said, quote “Vomit sure is funny”. To which she replied, “True ‘dat”.

So we’re all good.



  1. nice work, guy

  2. *laughs* Right. Vomit is funny. I can agree with that statement.

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