A miraculous blanket

February 19, 2008

It’s time for some news on Sariah…

To start, a few technical points:

  1. Sariah turns 5 months old on the 27th of this month
  2. She is healthy and gaining weight (although this is ideal for now, we will try not to tell her as she gets older that she is gaining so much weight. That would probably be counter-productive).
  3. She’s about 12 lbs now and is approximately 50″ tall (Well, I had to tell the carnival ride operator that was her height so he would let her onto “The Zipper” roller coaster. She loved it so much, she was unconscious with joy by the end of the ride.)
  4. Her curveball now drops almost six inches by the time it reaches home plate

We are altogether very proud parents. Now, with those strange but true facts out of the way, let’s talk about the miracle blanket (a demo of it can be seen here, although she kind of screws it up, you can get the idea …

So you can see that it’s a pretty intense little blanket, by the time we have wrapped all the material around Sariah, we can’t even see her anymore. In fact there is so much cloth, that she is completely smothered and we can’t even hear her cries. Consequently, we sleep all night.

Okay that’s not true. The real story is that for the first couple weeks of her life, Sariah was typically waking up every 2-3 hours. Each time she woke up she would have to be changed, fed, burped, and rocked back to sleep. This took approximately one hour (if she was in a good mood). Now, we were mentally prepared for this so we didn’t completely break down emotionally every time she woke up, but it was still pretty taxing nonetheless.

Enter our good friend, Tami Nef who, among others, strongly recommended “The Miracle Blanket” and even loaned us one of hers to test out. It worked like a charm right out of the gate and ever since then, Sariah has slept through the night, 8 or more hours, all but once or twice (when she was sick).

Another miracle tool is a swing that has lights and sounds and a mobile and a rotating chair and a masseuse and a therapist. We quickly discovered that Sariah is a huge fan of the side to side rocking motion. We have found it to be a great way to help her settle down for her daytime naps. With the amount of time she spends enjoying the rocking motion, I have to assume that she will ultimately opt for a life on the open ocean. Most likely she will turn to the lucrative yet hazardous world of piracy to earn her keep. This is unfortunate because most pirate ship captains offer very little in the way of long-term financial planning benefits such as a 401k or stock options. Hopefully her future husband is a government employee with a generous pension.



  1. LONG LIVE THE MIRACLE BLANKET. If there ever was a miracle – that blanket is it.

  2. Amen

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