I think I am voting for Barack Obama

February 23, 2008

Update: I just noticed that this post is poorly organized because it’s sort of a stream of consciousness thing, just go with it…

Sorry if this post is long or boring but I am writing it for two reasons:

  1. So Sariah can later read about what her Dad thought of political issues when he was young.
  2. Because I need to put my arguments down “in print” to make sure they are sound.

I recently took a little online quiz to see what candidate I most agree with (i.e., who I should vote for based upon my ideals.) Much to my chagrin, my stance on a litany of issues falls most commonly in line with John McCain. Unfortunately for him, he most certainly will not get my vote. McCain’s nasty campaign, screwy politics and lack of economic prowess disqualified him in my book a long time ago. This is on top of the fact that I think the conservative republican base has simultaneously used and abused the Mormon conservative voting block and as long as Utah (Mormon home base) is a reliably red state, the neglect and abuse will continue.   

Sadly, McCain looks to be a shoo-in for the Republican nomination and so now I have to weigh his cons against the democratic nominee. The democratic nominating race is as yet undecided but I think it is going to go to Obama. Here’s how I stack up against Obama on the issues:


Iraq was a mistake and based on lies and filtered intelligence. As crazy as Saddam was, he was also an enemy to our more immediate enemies. The time to withdraw is near.

Government spending should decrease. Simple math.

Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to work a few years and then be sent home. Mass deportations are obviously not going to happen but tightening hiring regulations and penalties for businesses will incentivize emigration.

No Child Left Behind act has shown positive results but it needs to be tweaked to close up loopholes and tricksy school administrators.

The best way to stimlate the economy is to encourage more high tech jobs, and enforce favorable trade policies

Environmental protection can best be encouraged by incentivizing energy efficiency and developing alternative fuels (aside from the environmetal impact I also see alternative fuels as an excellent way to avoid keeping ourselves chained to Middle Eastern craziness)


Tax cuts should be across the board, exempting the “rich” from tax cuts is unjust (but at least he favors tax cuts for my current tax bracket, so it’s good enough for me, for now.)

Universal health care administered by the government will be a colossal disaster. They screw everything else up, why would they suddenly get this right? Unfortunately I feel as though this is trending toward the inevitable. Voting for Obama would not be the proverbial nail in the coffin.

Obama supports legalized abortion. This is a major ideological difference between he and I but who cares? That issue will always fall to the SCOTUS. Obama would affect very little change on this issue even if he were pro-life.

Obama also has some intangibles that I think are useful such as regaining some international goodwill, inspirational leadership, youthful energy, enthusiasm, eloquence, and insight. As far as some of his left-wing policies, I think Congress will keep him in check and I think that the energetic intangible will be a confidence builder for American consumers. That will be good for the economy which is my number one issue right now.

Ron Paul, who is a wack job sometimes, right as rain other times and (unfortunately) pretty much irrelevant all the time.




  1. You know, I’m feeling just about the same way about the Republican Party right about now. My only fear is that the general election will fall between Hillary and McCain, but that’s looking increasing unlikely. I’m still unconvinced whether Obama’s the best, but just in the general sense, if someone’s going to be making liberal choices/policy in the white house, I would rather it was a liberal rather than a “conservative”.

  2. Ha, good point. At least you know what’s coming.

  3. Ryan this is why I hate you. Your brain is broken. You need to go back to Utah and be reprogrammed.

    I don’t agree with any canidate we have available to us right now. I actually think I would have rather voted for Ron Paul than Mc Cain. I hate to say it but I think Obama is going to win. But I would rather see him win than Hillary or Mc Cain. Mc Cain is all for the National ID system and Obama is against it. I will be voting for Obama for that reason alone.

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