More Internet Fun…

February 23, 2008

I got a little stocking stuffer book a couple years ago that was full of those pithy little sayings that end up on church signs across this great country. You know, phrases like:

“Forbidden Fruit Creates Many Jams”

And other theological one-liners.

In association with this, there are a couple fun sites that I’ve found…


Just like it sounds, you enter in the text and the website places it onto an image of a church sign, like this…


Kinda fun huh?

The second site is kind of the same idea as my little book except they have site visitors submit images of church signs where something has gone terribly wrong — http://crummychurchsigns.blogspot.com/ — Misspelled words, missing letters, and phrases where the author didn’t quite think the implications of their words all the way through. These are often enhanced by commentary from the submitters, here’s an example:


I can’t believe I asked for pink shag carpet in my mansion in heaven.



  1. I love this post, so I am going to steal it!

  2. […] Filed under: random — Jana @ 2:10 pm I found this on moore cowbell , I thought it was awesome so I had to steal their idea and make a sign for my […]

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