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Whirlwind trip…

March 27, 2008

(Authors Note: This one is kind of long since it’s a vacation log. I tried to keep it enertaining, but failed.) 

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last update to the site. My apologies. Anyway, next week Sariah leaves for college!!

Okay so maybe it hasn’t been that long since my last post but a lot has happened in the interim here. For starters, Sariah is rolling all the way around. This means that while I am not looking, she can go from the middle of the floor to getting her head stuck under the TV cabinet in less than 17 seconds. We’re so proud.

She has also developed the ability to sit up on her own for a few minutes. She will eventually tip over but oftentimes it is only because I am pushing her over to look for the remote control. 

She has a few other new talents that I will mention in a later post. As for our whirlwind trip, this past weekend we went to Arizona to visit some old friends and join in on a family reunion. Thursday was a crazy day for me as I ran around town trying to get our Jeep all ready to go on what amounted to be about 1,000 miles worth of driving. About six hundred dollars later, she was all ready to go. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say I was expecting a lot worse. Read the rest of this entry ?


Items on her head

March 4, 2008

Today, Sariah and I collaborated on an art piece. It is a poignant yet simultaneously contrasting biting social commentary on the socio-economic injustices of the elite members of the military industrial complex and the abuse of nationalistic tendencies to accomplish the immoral machinations of the fiduciary minority.

We think you will be moved.

It is called “Items on her head” and features photos of items on Sariah’s head. We think the deep and meaningful symbolisms are clear and are many.*

*There is actually no symbolism. It was just fun to do.


Some snippets from childhood

March 4, 2008

Authors Note: I stumbled across this old college writing assignment in my archived emails. The assignment was to describe the neighborhood of my youth. I thought Sariah and our subsequent spawn might be interested in reading this so I posted it here with a few additions…

Late in the year 1985, my parents announced to my sister and I that my mother was pregnant and that another little sibling was forthcoming. At the time I didn’t think much of it, mostly because I was five and didn’t think much of anything beyond Saturday morning cartoons and Pop-Tarts.

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