Whirlwind trip…

March 27, 2008

(Authors Note: This one is kind of long since it’s a vacation log. I tried to keep it enertaining, but failed.) 

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last update to the site. My apologies. Anyway, next week Sariah leaves for college!!

Okay so maybe it hasn’t been that long since my last post but a lot has happened in the interim here. For starters, Sariah is rolling all the way around. This means that while I am not looking, she can go from the middle of the floor to getting her head stuck under the TV cabinet in less than 17 seconds. We’re so proud.

She has also developed the ability to sit up on her own for a few minutes. She will eventually tip over but oftentimes it is only because I am pushing her over to look for the remote control. 

She has a few other new talents that I will mention in a later post. As for our whirlwind trip, this past weekend we went to Arizona to visit some old friends and join in on a family reunion. Thursday was a crazy day for me as I ran around town trying to get our Jeep all ready to go on what amounted to be about 1,000 miles worth of driving. About six hundred dollars later, she was all ready to go. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say I was expecting a lot worse. A lot of that money was spent on tires and I saved quite a bit of money thanks to a very honest and very fast mechanic who I very, very, highly recommend. If you Click here, his website will open up in a new window  

As soon as Cristina arrived home from work we hit the road and made it to Mesa within a reasonable time (Thank you for not noticing me Mr. Highway Patrol Man, and no thanks to you Mr. Arizona Highway Construction Man who chooses to funnel Easter weekend traffic on a major artery down to one lane for way too long. Here’s a little tip, break up your project into small parts so that the impact on traffic is minimized. Closing off 3 lanes for 10 miles while your workers are all still on mile #1 is generally referred to as an inefficient use of resources). We spent the night there, visited friends and then hit the road again for three hours until arriving in a little town called Cornville – Population: 3500 rednecks.

Just north of Cornville is a 100 acre plot of land called Dancing Apache Ranch. My best friend’s family owns this ranch and that’s where they go for Easter most years. It’s a beautiful property and we spent most of our time in a meadow that is divided by a creek and surrounded by cottonwood trees that are just recovering from winter.

Sariah absolutely loved being outdoors. It was really fun to watch her take in the trees and the water and the birds and everything else there was to see. At night she would stare at the campfire, totally enthralled by the dancing flames. She loved to sit on the ground and grasp at the grass and twigs. She even enjoyed being dragged away by a coyote while Cristina and I were busy making s’mores, too bad we didn’t get a picture of it.

Each night, after the festivities we drove up to our hotel in Sedona which was unbelievable — the red rocks are absolutely stunning. The hotel was pretty decent. We scored a super cheap rate because some friends of ours who own a timeshare at a resort nearby set us up with the room and the accompanying high pressure timeshare presentation. It was 90 minutes of some dude telling us all kinds of lies, creating all sorts of false dichotomies and arguing all manner of logical fallacies. I loved it (but then again, I love to argue). Cristina tolerated it and in the end we managed to escape without owning 1/52nd of a condo in Sedona and still enjoying a two night stay for about 50 bucks. Sweet.

On Monday, before we left, we cruised uptown Sedona a little bit which included stopping at Sacajawea Plaza and taking some pictures with the statuette and plaque there. This is significant because When Sariah’s cousins first found out what we were going to name her, they determined that a more appropiate (and more awesome) name would be “Sacajawea” (and for several months they were honestly perplexed as to why Cristina and I would not even consider this name as a serious possibility). Consequently, this has been her family nickname and so we have played along by doing things like dressing her up as an indian princess for Halloween and such. When we saw Sacajawea plaza being featured on the hotel tourist channel, we knew what had to be done.

The drive home was relatively uneventful although we stopped in Blythe to give Sariah a break from her carseat. The first place we saw to walk around in was a little 99 cent store. Now, I normally don’t care for these kinds of places, but for some reason this little store happened to have like 10 things we were needing. So we stocked up on a bunch of 99 cent crap and are now able to finish up several projects around the house. Thank you, Blythe, I would take back all the bad things I ever said about you but that’s not as enjoyable as making fun of you. So, you suck – even if your 99 cent store is strangely useful.

We arrived in San Diego on Monday night mostly exhausted but content with our vacation. Little did we know, we had one more day of vacationing coming… 


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  1. Something I need to add about the 99 cent store was the fact that Sariah loved it. I don’t know if she was just delirious from being in the car for so long or what, but she was laughing like crazy. It was so much fun, I had never seen her laugh so hard before. So I would like to thank Blythe for those laughing memories.

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