LDS Church condemns Blogs?

April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools Day! 

In my last post I intimated that I would be closing down this site because my church had denounced blogging by its members. Included was a link to webpage that a friend of mine made and hosted for me (that was literally an exact replica of the lds.org newsroom page) wherein we placed a brief story I wrote about the evils of blogging. This was meant for a select audience but ultimately started spreading around the net faster than we expected.

A less tricky image (shown below) replaced the authentic one early this evening and we have now pulled the whole thing entirely. This is mostly because we really like the leaders of our church and would hate to see them get bad-mouthed or criticized for something they didn’t say by some dummy who didn’t get the joke.

Anyway, I had a great time and found it hilarious that it spread so quickly. We sure loves us some scandal don’t we?aprilfools.jpg 🙂



  1. I spread that thing around so fast, you’d be amazed!

    Here’s one that a friend sent to me, also worth passing around. 🙂

  2. I think that Deseret News article that Connor linked to is from the (sadly) defunct Sugar Beet.

    Your joke was very funny. I hope no one got angry over it. I think it got forwarded so much because it was a great joke on all us mormon internet addicts, not because people were looking for scandal.

  3. And, out of curiosity, how many visits did the April Fool’s page get?

  4. I found out about it on the Mormon Apologetics website, but, alas, it was too late, you had removed it. Dang man.

  5. lrt: As of last night, the page we hosted on was approaching 8,000 hits (as far as I understand it anyway). This site, which usually averages 10-20 visitors a day, had 190 unique visitors today.

    I’ll have more detailed/accurate numbers later tonight.

  6. Sorry about having to remove the original image, but it was causing a bit larger of an uproar than we were willing to deal with.

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