Sea World!

April 13, 2008

Below are some pictures from Sariah’s first trip to Sea World. She had a blast! We took her to the flamingos, the shark encounter, the penguin encounter and the Arctic something or other. She loved looking at the world underwater at the shark encounter (although in retrospect she could have had a similar experience if I had taken her through the underwater tunnel and not actually thrown her into the shark tank, but hey, live and learn right?).

The penguins in the penguin encounter were slightly less enthralling for her although she really liked watching the little TV’s that showed penguin footage. Who knew that instead of two annual Sea World passes we could have just sprung for the Discovery channel?

The polar bears were completely disinteresting because they were asleep. I think this is because they were hungover ( but who am I to judge? Frankly if I went from living an action packed life at the top of the food chain on millions of acres of frozen tundra, to a small enclosure area made entirely of rocks painted to look like snow, I’d probably hit the ol’ firewater on a regular basis too).

Thankfully our doomed arctic adventure was saved from binge-drinking polar bears by a really cool wall of ice. Understandably some of you may be confused here so let me give you a more detailed description: It’s a wall… made of ice. This was Sariah’s favorite part because at her age, developmental milestones include a natural curiosity towards cold-induced conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia. Since she already got hypothermia a couple weeks ago (after I mistakenly placed her in the refrigerator and the milk jug in the pack’n’play) she was innately drawn to the frostbite inducing ice wall and spent several minutes running her hands along the cold, wet surface.

We only stayed for a little while after that because we have annual passes and therefore feel no need to try and squeeze too many activities into one trip. Besides, I have a limited amount of space in my brain and a portion of it was being used up by remembering where we parked. Since Sea World is something of an educational place, I was worried that some obscure fact about the grotesque fat-on-fat mating habits of the porn-star mustached walrus might override my crucial parking lot data set. So we left.

Thanks for the memories Sea World, see ya next week.



  1. YOu are too funny! And Sariah is gorgeous! She is such a little cheribum. I can’t believe you posted that blog condoning article. Bummer people believed it, but it is kind of funny. I believed the april fool’s joke about Snoop. I welcomed him with open arms and to find out he really wasn’t converted by Gladys Knight! It’s people like you that make it so hard for people like me to believe anything I read anymore. What is the world coming to? Love your blog! Miss you guys!

  2. You may just want to check my blog right now!

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