I’d knit that…

April 17, 2008

…and let’s be honest, you’d knit it too. In fact, I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t knit that, I mean, if they could, of course.

But I can’t knit that (and it has nothing to do with me already being married). It has everything to do with lack of talent.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the latest display of talent from a friend of Cristina and I. Go to the link at the bottom of this post and prepare to be whisked away to a delightsome emporium of knitted delectables (yes, I know that delectable is a word usually reserved to describe a tasty dish but if my 6 month old daughter has taught me nothing else, it’s that you can eat just about anything if you put your mind to it).

And so you too will find yourself wanting to purchase, wear, and yes – perhaps even eat – some of Jana’s cool knitted apparel and accessories.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Click here to surf on over to Jana’s online store: “I’d knit that”

And now, as long as we are adding pictures here, check out some more cute pictures of our super cute daughter, Sariah


One comment

  1. Hey thanks for the link!
    I love that pink fuzz picture, The look on her face is priceless!
    What color hat, and what style?… I gotta know these things. Do you want funky multi colored yarn, do you want earflaps? Embellishments? Tell me your preferences. I can make it happen. Or I could just surprise you…
    Oh and how old is she? (so I can get the size right.)

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