A new link-y

April 28, 2008

I just added a new link on our sidebar to the site for Lance and Amanda who are long-time and awesome friends of ours.

I met Lance in my seminary class (which his older scriptorian sister taught). I hardly knew the guy but for some reason he chose to sign my name at the bottom of a love note that he left for our teacher one day after class. He let his sister freak out over it for a day before revealing the prank.

Lance and I both left for our missions at the same time and consequently were set apart in the same meeting with our stake president. As a result of that and some other common friends, we ended up hanging out often when we returned home.

I’ve known Amanda for about the same amount of time as Lance and although I have a couple memories of spending time with her during our high school years, we did not become close friends until after she and Lance got together.

I don’t really know how Cristina knows them. I’ll let her fill in those details in the comments section.

Although our weddings were within a few months of each other, those frisky devils popped out a kid waaaay before we did and are already on their second awesome little boy.

Sadly, they have moved to Utah temporarily while Lance finishes up school so now I have to check their blog all the time to see what they are up to. Ordinarily this could be an exhausting chore, but Amanda is a great writer…. here’s a sample:

I suddenly realized that we were in some sort of exhibit and screamed at my husband to go back! Then as I looked at the wall that I had just come out of scraping my face and body against to get out, I saw that it was covered in thousands of GIANT silverfish bugs. It took every ounce of courage in me to hug my body against those walls swarming with bugs, but I guess the fear of not knowing which exhibit we had ventured into made me do the impossible.

Yeah, you gotta read the whole story now, right?

Anyway, Lance and Amanda are a couple of our favorite people ever and we look forward to the day when they realize that Temecula is the only reasonable place for them to move to.


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