April 28, 2008

Do not forget to attend the fundraiser at Mama Colletti’s tomorrow night!!

Do not forget to bring all your friends and family with you!!

Why? Here’s why:

Distribution of funds raised

We heard a cool story from someone we know who has survived lymphoma. One of her medications had extremely painful side effects that she had to endure for several months. A couple years after her recovery, she learned that a friend of hers was diagnosed and so she went to visit her during her treatment. During their discussion, the particular medication was brought up and this woman asked how her friend was coping with the painful side effects.

Her friend’s response was that in a couple short years, research had advanced the medicine to the point where the it was no longer excruciatingly painful. In fact, it is now entirely a pain-free experience.

Anyway, the fundraising works. So come and get some good food and even better company (specifically: me)


One comment

  1. Mama Colletti’s follow up:

    Just wanted to give a shout out to those familys that made it to our fundraiser last night and helped make the night a success. A huge thank you to the Dobrons, the Dixons, the Bahens, the Durhams, and the McEntires; you guys rock!!

    I just wanted to point out as well that if you couldn’t make it last night and still wanted to donate you can still do that. Just follow the link below and donate on my fundraising website. Remeber, no donation is to small.


    Thanks so much. Cristina

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