My girls and their heavy equipment

May 17, 2008

For those of you who don’t know, I am self-employed. Now, I know that this is typically a euphemism for “unemployed” but in my case, that’s not what is going on. I actually make money, and the amount of money I actually make is actually increasing… actually.

Currently my work goes in two directions: Sales and Marketing.

The marketing side is the one that is currently earning me jack-squat. I have several projects in my portfolio but they are mostly work I did when I was either a full-time employee or work that I have done gratis for friends. I have yet to sign a contract with an actual paying client. This, to me, seems a bit ironic as you would expect a marketing expert to be capable of marketing himself expertly. Well, fear not. I actually have a marketing plan laid out. I just have been too busy with the Sales side to put it into action.

The sales side is a heavy machinery business that I run both from home and from a storage yard in Perris, CA. I do this with my best friend, his dad, and his uncle.

A couple weeks ago I took Cristina and Sariah up to the yard with me to help me out with some inventory work that needed to be done. It was pretty funny to put Sariah next to some of the big steel monsters and I even taught Cristina how to drive a backhoe. It was so beautifully redneck/hillbilly that I couldn’t resist catching some of it on camera to help remind me of my roots if, sometime in the future, I start gettin’ all uppity and whatnot.

(Actually, I think some of the equipment would be the ideal backdrop for the Blue Lily style of photography)



  1. Those are too funny! Lucky for you Sariah can make any back drop look good. And Cristina – you are looking hot! Even in a tractor wheel. All that hard work is paying off – thank you to the Stacinator… huh?

  2. Thanks Tami. I am totally addicted to going to the gym now, it is actually fun.

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