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May 26, 2008

We went up to the Lake Elsinore Outlet Malls today. They were having some major Memorial Day sales (after all, what better way to pay tribute to those who have gone before us than to pillage countless clearance racks and haggle prices with underpaid and disgruntled cashiers.

Since the weather was bit gray today, we decided to put Sariah in her new knitted cap from Jana’s Etsy shop. She had just woken up from a nap and so she was all smiles. I grabbed my camera and got some pretty good shots (shown below alongside some pictures of her in the morning and some of her playing with her friend Caleb).

Now, whenever I go to any mall, a little energy meter appears about 3 feet above my head. It’s just like the health meter that you see above a character in a videogame. The second I walk through the mall doors, that little energy meter starts draining away. It starts off slowly… the loss of energy almost unnoticeable so that I am lulled into  false sense of security. I tell myself:

“Hey you have lots of energy left, we can go to several stores and take our time”

But this is not so. In actuality, the longer I spend in a mall, the faster my energy drains away through the soles of my feet, absorbed by thousands of square feet of endless mall flooring. About 15 minutes into the first store, fatigue begins to set in. I start to wonder how long is a reasonable amount of time before I can request that we go to the food court.

30 minutes in and I am a walking zombie, my feet drag lazily across the floor, my eyes roll back in my head and my arms dangle at my sides, dead to the world. There is hope though, occasionally I will spot something I like. This recharges my energy bar a couple inches. In this situation I will try the item on, consider it for awhile and maybe even carry it a few feet away from the rack. I might almost make it to the register. But no, the fatigue returns and suddenly the $14.99 sale price for a pair of originally priced $75.00 FOX racing shoes seems like a paltry discount when overshadowed by the effort it would require to stand in line and go through the entire 45 second checkout process.

So I didn’t get anything today. Not a single thing. I’m getting tired just thinking about it.   



  1. I got 2 shirts, a belt and a pair of shoes, so I enjoyed our trip to the outlets. 🙂

  2. Sariah looks so adorable in those pictures! Especially with her cute beanie. And I’m pretty sure Brent has an energy bar just like yours Ryan, when it comes to shopping excursions. I can almost see it shoot up when he comes across a pair of discounted shiny basketball shorts or a cheap DVD he thinks we need for our collection.

  3. I love those pictures of her in her beanie, so adorable!

  4. My shopping meter never starts at full. DVD’s don’t do much, but b-ball shorts and shoes will help, and any sort of electronics, but usually I spend the time on empty, just making loud sighing noises until Tami get fed up with me.

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