A couple trips to fun stuff

June 10, 2008

Ugh, I’m becoming such a parent.

If you had asked me two years ago what I thought would be a few good activities for a Saturday afternoon and a Monday summer evening, I would probably list something like this:

  • See a movie
  • Indoor go-kart racing
  • Paintball
  • BBQ
  • Videogames
  • Hiking

Then, if you traced your finger alllllll the way down the list to the very last few items, you would see the following:

  • Give an elephant an enema
  • Clean my eyeballs with sea salt and sandpaper
  • Pick blueberries at a local farm
  • Play on the equipment at the local park

And yet, over the last couple days I have gone to a blueberry farm and have given en elephant — no wait — played at the local park.

The problem here is, I had a lot fun. It’s almost inconceivable. I look back on my days of late night street racing, skydiving, backpacking and all the other fun/crazy/stupid stuff I used to do and wonder how it came to this.

On Saturday we went to the Temecula blueberry farm and for five bucks picked a pint of blueberries. Of course, while walking through the rows of blueberry bushes, you can’t help but eat approximately one more pint by picking few random blueberries here and there. This is justifiable of course because you need to really develop an eye for what a ripe blueberry looks like and what a not-so-ripe one looks like. The owners are really nice and came out to show us where some of the best berries were growing. It was all very small-town life. I half expected to hear the baritone voice of Garrison Keillor narrating our adventure.

Sunday was church and on Monday, we went to Wolf Creek park so the kids could play in the water fountain. Sariah had fallen asleep during the car ride over, and so she was bit shocked when we woke her up, stripped her clothes and stuck her in a stream of cold water. The initial shock finally wore off and she spent the next 15 minutes trying to catch the fountain of water streaming from the boulders. The only major issue was that she would get so excited she would begin flailing her arms and legs around with little thought to the consequences. More than once she kicked the rock pretty hard despite my best efforts to keep her spastic extremities clear of the rough and solid stone. She never seemed to notice it though. Perhaps her limbs were numb from the cold water. A close inspection of her fingers and toes revealed no cuts, bruises, lacerations or frostbite so the D.A. wouldn’t have a case anyway.

After changing her from her swimsuit, we took her to the playground swing. This was her first experience with a playground swing and the myriad of germs it has to offer. I expect a cease and desist order from her immune system any day now. I think she really liked the swing because although she spent most of the time exhibiting a very stern poker face, she did not squirm or fuss or anything. I can only speculate as to why her face was so stern. My best guess is that she disapproved of my outfit. I had grabbed a t-shirt and an old pair of shorts that were pretty beat up. Admittedly I was not exactly a dashing representative of the Moore family at the park on Monday. If that’s not a good enough reason to withhold a smile whilst swinging, I don’t know what is.

So anyway, the point is, this little girl is turning me into a nancy-boy and I don’t appreciate it. Next week, I will rebel against this trend by getting one of my tractors and driving it through the streets while shooting holes in all the road signs with a shotgun. You know, cause I’m crazy and impetuous and have been led to believe that life is like the Grand Theft Auto video games.


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  1. Yeah…I think it was probably the outfit. Dress up next time.

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