On a more serious note…

September 17, 2008

**Update: Thanks to those who posted civil responses. Unfortunately due to some inflammatory/abusive comments, I had to delete everything and close the comment thread. If you have questions about putting the “Yes on 8” logo onto your own blog or if you want to send me inflammatory  and derisive messages, click here for my contact information**

Well, I try to keep this blog pretty light-hearted, but occasionally we have to get down to serious business, or as the bishop from The Princess Bride would say: Mawage, Mawage is whut bwings us togeva today.

Specifically Gay Mawage.. err.. marriage. Now before I get all argumentative, I should preface this by mentioning that several important people in my life are gay-diddly-ay, and frankly I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to worry about who they think looks good in lingerie (for those of you keeping score at home, the correct answer is Jessica Biel– Jessica Biel looks good in lingerie). I just don’t find it very useful to make sexual preference a determinant factor in friendship

“But Ryan, if that’s true, why do you have a big logo supporting Prop 8 on your website?! After all, Prop 8 makes gay marriages illegal by constitutional amendment. If you’re so friendly with gay people why are you supporting a measure that denies them equal rights? ”

Well, Nosy Nicholas, it goes something like this: I live in a set of societies. The smallest one being my little family. Here, in our home, my wife and I make decisions about how to best run our home. Beyond my family I live in a condo complex governed by a dictatorial money grubbing regime Homeowners Association which is (in theory) run by the homeowners, including me. Beyond that is the City of Temecula, County of Riverside, State of California, etc… Each society, mostly due to the freedoms afforded by the United States founding documents, follows a similar pattern. This pattern is that either through elected officials, judges or just direct popular vote legislation, the people mold society, not some monarch or military junta. The majority opinion is generally what is carried out.

Now, I have a firm belief that the ideal foundation of a society is the family structure as seen in “Leave it to Beaver”. Mom, Dad, Kids. I want the society in which I live and in which I raise my children to reflect this value and I want the governing bodies of my society to reinforce this value in education and in legislation. This is my right, because this society belongs, in part,  to me. I know that many gay rights groups are fighting Prop 8. That’s okay because this is their society too and they have a right to try and have their values reinforced.

So that’s why I added the Protect Marriage logo.

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