Sariah’s world

September 18, 2008

After posting on Prop 8, I thought maybe Sariah would be interested (in several years when she can read and comprehend these old blog posts) to hear what kinds of events are going on while she is oblivious to the outside world and is primarily concerned with whether or not I will let her have one of her two favorite snacks (honey-wheat pretzel sticks and frozen Go-gurts) for lunch.

Here is some of the latest news:

  • The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) went online a couple days ago amid protests that smashing sub-atomic protons through a pipe the size of a firehose deep underground will somehow bring about a cataclysmic end to our universe. This is patently ridiculous because the earth has survived much, much worse including solar radiation storms, volcanoes, continental drift, meteors and Lindsay Lohan.
  • Sarah Palin has made waves as McCain’s relatively unknown and inexperienced conservative Republican Vice Presidential candidate from Alaska. Her signature joke is:

Q: You know the difference between a bulldog and a hockey mom?

A: One is a canine with a violent reputation and the other is a construct of a society quick to segregate and label it’s members. Oh, wait… I’m being told that the answer is actually: lipstick.

  • Wall Street was pummeled early this week as several of the nation’s major investment banks, financial insurers and lenders collapsed and were either bailed out by the US government or acquired by larger firms for pennies on the dollar. Luckily, due to a diversified investment strategy, we have not lost any money. Our money is being held in places like: my wallet, under our mattress, in our bank and at Jack in the Box…


  1. The only thing you’re missing is a witty name for your holdings. I’d like to call it the “Slurpee Fund”. I don’t really have a good reason… Just slush/slurpee seemed like a good replacement. And slurpee’s are delicious. Just like Jack in the Box.

    btw, I was watching Family Guy today and a name caught my attention.

  2. I am so sick of that lipstick joke. thanks for the variation.

  3. I agree Tami, although I think Ryan really did think that was the punch line. Because, he doesn’t know what lipstick is since his wife never wears any.

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