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September 22, 2008

Well, we put it off for as long as possible – but today we finally made the switch to a forward facing car seat for Sariah. We understand that now, in the event of a head-on (apply directly to forehead) collision, she will be able to see everything as it occurs and therefore will be a more reliable eye-witness when we attempt to sue for imaginary maladies like “emotional trauma”, “whiplash”, and “irritable bowel syndrome” as direct consequences of the accident.

Since my Mother-in-law is an attorney (see also: “why I will never file for divorce”) we can start prepping Sariah’s testimony now. Won’t she just beam with pride in the years to come as she reads through her baby book and learns that among her first words were: “uh-oh”, “mama”, “at-fault”, and “illegal left turn on a double yellow line”. Oh the simple joys that come from raising (and exploiting) a child.

But enough legal mumbo-jumbo. It’s kind of sad to be packing away her infant car seat. After all, this is the car seat that carried her home from the hospital for the very first time. It has traveled with us to Arizona and Montana, it has held our little girl snug and secure for hours and hours as an impromptu bed during late nights out at the homes of friends and family. We have washed it several times and it has come out clean and essentially stainless — impressively shedding the abuse of milk and cheerios and blow-outs and spit-ups. Packing it away now is a tacit admission that the infant years of our first-born have passed away and although we will have other children and will experience the excitements and joys and frustrations all over again, it will never be our “first”… ever. And so putting the seat away for a season is kind of poignant isn’t it?

Of course, maybe I’m just being sentimental because I had a huge glass of milk before writing this, and maybe I’m milk drunk.


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  1. Don’t worry, it does get easier with time. 😉 Next it’ll be putting away the baby toys and moving on to toddler things. It’s fun to watch them grow and progress- though sad realizing that they’re not little babies anymore.

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