What a disaster!

September 25, 2008

You know, one of the cardinal rules, when making fun of someone, is to get the joke right. This is because the circular reference created by being an idiot in the very act of pointing out another person’s idiocy will lead to an infinite self-referencing loop of stupid. The suction created by this vortex will capture any cool-ness you try to exude and suck it into itself (only making it stronger in the process).

Such is the case here, on this very blog!

Don’t panic, your coolness (or attempts thereof) will not be affected by my own vortex of stupid. But just for my sake, I’ll show you the idiocy gaffe that I am talking about here:

In an earlier post, I was gleefully mocking Sarah Palin with a joke about her joke…

Q: You know the difference between a bulldog and a hockey mom?

A: One is a canine with a violent reputation and the other is a construct of a society quick to segregate and label it’s members. Oh, wait… I’m being told that the answer is actually: lipstick.

Yeah, I said “bulldog”. The joke originally used”pitbull”. So I have now totally unfairly maligned the reputation of the docile and friendly (albeit ugly and snorty) bulldog. This is what one gets when blogging after midnight. I need to invent some kind of ‘roided out version of spellchecker that can detect what you meant to say and can correct these kinds of errors before they are ever published to the world. 

I believe the moral of the story here is simply this: Don’t be a dum-dum… you know, like me.


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