1 down 17 to go….

October 2, 2008

Note:  There were some tchnical difficulties with uploading pictures. I may need 24 hours or so to fix this. Sit tight.

So as of last Saturday, we officially have one year of babysitting Sariah under our belt. Only 17 more years until we can kick her out of the house and into the world to fend for herself. To commemorate this memorable occasion we threw Sariah an “almost-going-away party” which we cleverly disguised as a one year birthday party. 

Now I have been to, and helped with, quite a few one year old birthday parties and had seen how stressed out many parents can get as they try to plan and run the perfect party. A couple months ago I told Cristina, “Hey let’s keep this thing pretty low-key so we don’t spend her birthday too wound up”. We both agreed that this would be the wisest course of action.

Somehow, though, that didn’t quite happen. It’s funny how one little idea adds onto another and another until before long you’ve spiraled into a full-blown fiesta. It started with sending out some email invites. The website we used happened to have themes for the invitations and “just for fun” we picked a Hollywood theme as a joking reference to Sariah’s modeling career which has currently not even earned enough to be considered taxable income.

Then we saw some Hollywood decorations at a party store… yeah, gotta get those. Then we started telling more people about the party. Then we started buying food, then more decorations, then we reserved our clubhouse, and more people started RSVP’ing and before long the stress monster was hanging around our house so much that we had to get out an air mattress just so he would have a place to sleep.  

So on Friday night we realized that we forgot to go to the management company to pick up the clubhouse key. This was a problem because the company isn’t open on Saturday! I tracked down the security guard for our complex and spent about 20-30 minutes trying to convince him to leave the clubhouse door unlocked, or loan me his key or something. Frankly there was no way he was going to do it (and I think he loosely suspected that I was some kind of criminal trying to work a scam).

So I finally called the emergency number for the property management company at 11:00 pm (yeah, the same emergency number they have for reporting legitimate property threatening emergencies like blown water mains and electrical fires and stuff). The poor lady stuck with the emergency number cell phone had to make several calls and wake up several people until finally they authorized the security guard to give me his copy of the key. The catch was, he couldn’t do it until 1:00 am (the end of his shift. So, at 1:00 in the morning: Mission accomplished.

Saturday morning prep wasn’t as bad as I envisioned, just a bit of last minute scrambling. Cristina went to pick up all the stuff that was on order (cake and balloons and such). And the guests began arriving. Overall it seemed like everyone had good time. A couple highlights:

  • Michelle brought a hot tray of yummy Chicken Katsu (kind of like asian chicken nuggets). They were a huge hit and at one point I saw little Audrey Dixon with one in each hand. She looked at me and said “I can’t stop eating this chicken”
  • Sariah enjoyed her cake, but she started with the little bit of decorative black frosting. The resulting smearing made it look like she had either just eaten a piece of charcoal or was prepping her halloween makeup for her costume as The Joker.  
  • I had help Tami carry her food out to her seat because Mrs. Preggers couldn’t handle all 17 plates she had made. “You can take this plate to Brent” she tells me… yeah sure Tami, whatever you say.
  • During the opening of the presents, all the children were more than happy to help Sariah practice sharing her toys (by force if necessary). Strangely they were less inclined to play with the clothes that Sariah received.
  • All in all, lots of good friends and family were able to come and Sariah seemed to enjoy her first birthday celebration. I am especially glad for this because sometimes I get the feeling that the child’s enjoyment is sacrificed for some kodak moments and posturing by the parents. I think we were able to narrowly avoid falling into this trap. But who knows, maybe we are the epitome of neurotic suburbian parents who consider children to be a fashionable accessory and/or as tools for climbing the social ladder.


  1. Hahahahahaha. sad, but true.

    love the line about the stress monster needing an air mattress.

  2. I would have stressed no matter what, it is just my nature. I think everything went great and I hope everyone who came had a good time. Thank you to everyone for making Sariah’s birthday such a special day.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sariah!!

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