October 8, 2008

Well, we were hoping to have Sariah walking by her first birthday. This didn’t happen of course and we will forever be disappointed (Sariah, if you are reading this post years from now, you should know that none of your accomplishments will ever erase this, the first time you fell significantly short of our expectations).

Anyway, as of the last day and a half or so, she has gone from taking a couple unsteady steps to taking about 10-12 unsteady steps. I suspect that she should be near to full unsteady cruising speed within a week or two. We are excited about this because it means we can put her down on the ground when we are outside of the house. I know that it will be a bit more difficult to keep her under control but it’s not like she has been immobilized up to this point so I can’t see the ability to walk as being any major disruption to our current experience. It will also make our threats to break her legs for disobedience much more significant. After all, if you can’t even walk, who cares if your legs are in a cast? 

Along with walking, there has also been a little talking going on.  She can currently say:

  • “Dada” (She learned this word because we have been repeating it to her over and over again)
  • “Mama” (See above)
  • “Hi” (She probably got this word because lots of people say hi and wave to her when we are out and about, running errands and stuff)
  • “Bye” (She picked this one up from hearing me talk to clients on the phone all day. One afternoon I finished up a call and just as I said “Bye”: and hung up, she said “bye” right afterwards. It’s now a major staple of her vocabulary)
  • “Uh-Oh” (*sigh* She got this word from those @#$&*ing Teletubbies. She loves to watch little clips from that show on Youtube. I’m glad that she can’t read minds because the things I envision when the narrator says “Time for Tubby Bye-Bye” would be simply traumatizing for her)
  • “The Higgs-Boson or ‘God’ particle, is a legitimate phenomenon although the implications of it’s existence are far less extensive than currently estimated by the mainstream scientific community” (I’m not sure where she picked up this phrase, but I’m amazed every time she says it. Because seriously, what kind of person thinks that an extensive analysis of Higgs-Boson won’t give us much greater insight into the Geological and Theological puzzles of our time)

It’s just amazing what your kids pick-up from you when you think they aren’t listening


One comment

  1. She is also signing a little as well. She will almost alway sign “dada” when she says it. She also signs “mama”, although at times instead of pointing to her chin she ends up picking her nose, but I know she means mama. She knows the sign for “milk” and will use it when she wants milk at bed time. And she also signs “more”, this usually happens at Golden Spoon when she wants another bite of frozen yogurt.

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