Mormon Leaders on Prop. 8

October 9, 2008

Last night leaders from the Mormon church spoke on the Prop 8 issue and the role that members of the church should play in supporting the legislation while being as sensitive as possible to the feelings and opinions of others (see video excerpts below). I agree with this stance wholeheartedly.

I suppose that some may say that this is hypocrisy (the idea that we can be sensitive and Christ-like while institutionally excluding a vast group of people). But I think that the hypocrisy argument falls flat for this reason:

I find, in my reading of scripture, that Christ was actually quite quick to exclude those who didn’t want to play by His rules. Inversely, He was quite welcoming to those who struggled with sin but wanted to make changes. Those who didn’t want to make the changes necessary to follow Him (I’m looking at you, Pharisees) were not exactly dealt with in a warm and fuzzy way.  Since none of us are blameless in our lifetime, walking around issuing stern “whited sepulcher” rebukes to those who reject Prop 8 or celebrate/support a gay lifestyle would be far beyond our rights and would be an egregious display of unrighteous judgment. There is a stark contrast however, between rebuking individuals for exercising their free agency as they see fit and trying to mold the moral standards that the societies we live in publicly promote.


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