You have got to love this

October 11, 2008


Note to Sariah: You are never allowed to date a boy like this (we’ll call him Seth) for two reasons:

  1. I would be obligated by Man-Law Code of Conduct (M.L.C.C. 1028.1.2) to beat Seth up every time he came over to pick you up and take you to hang out with the other Calculus camp Math-letes
  2. The inevitable heartbreak that would result when Seth finally decides to leave you for Juan-Carlos (the strangely fashion conscious pool-boy) would be devastating. 

Okay, Okay I’m just kidding. I actually thought the video was great (and those are some wicked awesome piano skillz). I am hoping, though, that Seth intended it to be a mockery of some of BYU’s most noisome zealots. If he did, this is satire at it’s finest.

If it isn’t intended as a joke.. well.. then I will weep for our church, our youth, and our future. Armageddon truly will be upon us, only instead of flooding the earth with water, God will have chosen to flood it with geeks, and there will be no rainbow to save us this time.



  1. hahahahaha.

    so typical. BYU overachiever.

  2. What a good laugh.

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