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100 Posts, a milestone

February 9, 2009

As of this post, this blog now has officially published 100 posts. Now, some of those posts have been good quality stuff. Some have been pretty bad, and some have been total cop-out posts where I just put up something I thought was funny — like a crazy Japanese doggy commercial.

I started this blog to focus specifically on the events of Sariah’s life and so far I think I have missed pointing out a few crucial points in her life.

  1. She walks a lot at this point in her life. She runs a little, mostly awkwardly, and she is developing some impressive climbing skillz. Why, just last week I went into the kitchen to get a glass of milk and by the time I returned, she had climbed Mt. Whitney. It’s so crazy!
  2. She has an ever expanding vocabulary which includes lots of words that are mostly, and cutely, pronounced incorrectly such as: Memo (Elmo); Wa-wa (Water); Den-du (Thank You); and Algorithm (disenfranchisement)
  3. She plays pretty well with other kids. There is occasional violence when particular toys are not distributed in a desirable manner, but as of yet she has not discovered modern weaponry so her fights rarely end in bloodshed and collateral damage has been minimal. Geneva conventions have also been strictly adhered to so we are proud of her ability to abstain from becoming an international war criminal. Fighting extradition is so expensive, after all.
  4. She has yet to complain about the state of economy, such is her apparent disdain for materialism.
  5. Several of our friends have already betrothed their sons to her. We have this to say regarding the issue: If you like it then you better put a ring on it…

This is also our way of saying that Sariah has a habit of taking what we like to call “dance breaks”. She does it just about anytime she hears anything slightly musical and she only dances in spurts of 3-5 seconds before returning to her original activity, hence the term dance break, and not dance party.

Note: I realize that the music video only featured footage from two video sessions and that the editing was choppy and lame. It was done on a whim and I now have aspirations for making a much more complete and professional looking video. Song recommendations are welcome.


Sariah, Shilav; Shilav, Sariah

February 6, 2009

Keeping true to her Hebrew namesake, Sariah recently had a photoshoot with Israeli clothing company “Shilav”. Cristina took her to the all-day photoshoot where they took a shilav-load of pictures in lots of different outfits for their upcoming catalog.

Until then, she is being seen by hordes of Hebrew speaking mommies only through the power of the internets

It looks like this (you can click on the photo to follow the link and buy Israeli clothing for your child, don’t eat manischewitz without it!):shilav


Twilight… ugh…

February 6, 2009

So I don’t mind the existence of the Twilight novels, although I have no intention of reading them. I also don’t mind the making of the Twilight movie, although I have no intention of seeing it because there are lots of other things that have to take priority, like watering the rocks.

Twilight fans are a whole different story. They are much more pervasive than the actual Twilight stuff. They are everywhere and there is no escaping them (mostly because I am married to one of them). 

But now I must contend that Stephanie Meyer, despite being hailed by professional writers as a hack, has discovered some sort of new neurolinguistic programming method (translation: voodoo witchcraft) that induces a subtle hypnosis.

Some of you may think I am overreacting but please, stand back and be amazed (see: disgusted) as I present my “open-and-shut” case:

 Some crazy (and I mean crazy with a  capital “Nutjob”;  Twilight fan decided to make a little tribute to Twilight… a handmade craft, if you will.

Yes that’s right – I present to you, in all it’s glory: Bella’s WOMB!!!!!!

Dear Focus on the Family, please address this threat to our children.

Sincerely, Ryan