Twilight… ugh…

February 6, 2009

So I don’t mind the existence of the Twilight novels, although I have no intention of reading them. I also don’t mind the making of the Twilight movie, although I have no intention of seeing it because there are lots of other things that have to take priority, like watering the rocks.

Twilight fans are a whole different story. They are much more pervasive than the actual Twilight stuff. They are everywhere and there is no escaping them (mostly because I am married to one of them). 

But now I must contend that Stephanie Meyer, despite being hailed by professional writers as a hack, has discovered some sort of new neurolinguistic programming method (translation: voodoo witchcraft) that induces a subtle hypnosis.

Some of you may think I am overreacting but please, stand back and be amazed (see: disgusted) as I present my “open-and-shut” case:

 Some crazy (and I mean crazy with a  capital “Nutjob”;  Twilight fan decided to make a little tribute to Twilight… a handmade craft, if you will.

Yes that’s right – I present to you, in all it’s glory: Bella’s WOMB!!!!!!

Dear Focus on the Family, please address this threat to our children.

Sincerely, Ryan



  1. What in the WORLD??

  2. I know Tami…too weird, huh?. And I must say I talked to Ryan about the quality of the post he decided to put up after coming back from months of not posting. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed in the topic for our family blog. But he did put up a post finally so I guess I should give hime that.

  3. Ooooook…. I was going to say that I, too, am a Twilight fan, but I don’t want anyone mistaking me for the crazy nutjob fans!! That is just disgusting!

  4. Hello… I’m a Twilight fan, but I must admit that some of us can be really strange (as you show us), it is easier to make fun of us because of those people that are too weird, even among us. I agree with you, the girl who made that stuff is more than stuck with the twilight’s saga… and… maybe you are right and Meyer just discovered that neurolinguistic programming method which is really worthwhile to study (I’ll think about it to see if I can reprogram myself ajajaja) =)


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