Johnny Be Good

March 21, 2009

Today Ryan is off rock climbing with the youth from our ward and I am home taking care of Sariah. We have had such a fun morning together and she has been so good, I love it. Now she is down for a nap and I should be cleaning our perpetually dirty house, but instead I am blogging.  I figure the blog asn’t been updated for awhile so I am sort of doing Ryan a favor by adding a new post.  Of course after he sees what I have decided to add, I am sure he will think otherwise.

I present for your viewing pleasure a short film of Ryan show casing his vocal abilities at my dad’s 78th birthday party last year (I know it is a poor quality video, sorry I didn’t take it.)



  1. Watch out American Idol..here comes Ryan. I thought he sounded good but as Simon would say it was a little karoke…haha

  2. Didn’t quite have Marty McFly’s flair, but was passable I guess.

  3. So you might think that I would be reticent to seek vengeance upon my own wife for this great injustice. After all, she is the mother of my child, my sweetheart, and my eternal companion.

    Unfortunately these myriad things are insufficient deterrents. It is on, woman.

  4. Amazing! I had to get up and dance. You’re going to give Adam a run for his money. Look at the talent coming out of Mt. Carmel! Be nice to Cristina. You were due. 🙂

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