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A bit of encouragement

April 20, 2009

Since I haven’t done jack squat around this place lately, I thought I would spruce up the decor and see if that got me moving in writing a new post.

I changed around the header graphic and am pleased to announce that Moore Cowbell is now the proud home of Fire-Breathing Dragons (and such, and such…)

We are really proud of this new development and hope to raid many small villages and decimate peasant populations across the countryside (primarily for the plundering of great riches but also sometimes for sport).

You may think this sounds cruel. The correct answer is: It’s not (for diverse and sundry reasons that I cannot be bothered to list here).

Also, you may be curious as to whether cowbells and fire-breathing dragons can coexist on one website. The correct answer is: Yes.

Also, Sariah is still around, as evidenced by the photos I added to the aforementioned header graphic.