The little things…

June 14, 2009

There are a few little things that crack me up about Sariah…

1. Occasionally (like last night on the way home from her Uncle’s birthday party), she will suddenly start looking around with wide eyes and say “Whoa…. whoa… whoa”. This, of course, is done for no apparent reason. I can only theorize that sometimes, late at night, she can see the dead. Particularly dead horses that are running too fast (hence her usage of the term “whoa”). Regardless of why she is “whoa-ing” it’s pretty funny to watch

2. She, like the rest of us, loves food. Unfortunately, she never likes the food we have for her. No, Sariah prefers other people’s food. Particularly the food that other parents bring to help keep their children quiet during church meetings. If you have ever seen a dog run from person to person during a dinner party trying to score little morsels from generous guests, then you’ll have something of an idea of how Sariah operates. It’s shameless and hilarious.

3. When we first taught her to say “Sorry” after misbehaving, Sariah was pretty resistant towards saying it when we asked her to. Sort of a miniature form of rebellion that we expect to see amplify as she grows closer to her teenage years. As for now, instead of saying sorry when she does something wrong, she likes to say sorry to strangers at random times. This she does repeatedly. I’m pretty sure that the people she is apologizing to must be thinking something along the lines of: “That poor child, her parents must beat her so incessantly that now she has some kind of neuroses wherein she apologizes at the drop of a hat.” This is false of course. We would have to beat her 10 times a day for that kind of response. We typically stick to 3 or 4.


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