A Triumphant Return — Social Media Stylez

January 28, 2010

As I told a good friend of ours a couple a months ago,

“You still blog? Ugh, that’s so 2000 and late.”

Because we all know that social media is the new hotness. We be talkin’ ’bout Twitter.com, Facebook.com, Ustream.com, etc…

So look, I know that I totally bombed on writing posts about Christian’s womb time, but frankly, there wasn’t the same flurry of activity that there was surrounding Sariah. This is our second time around the pregnancy block, after all, and if we’re being honest, there is a limited number of jokes that you can make about the female reproductive system (Just kidding, there’s actually no limit to the number of jokes you can make about the female reproductive system, but this is a family blog, so we’re keeping it clean around here).

Nevertheless, I didn’t want Christian to feel bad 15 years from now when he sees that Sariah had a whole website and he got nothing.

So check it out: As of Wednesday Jan. 27th 2010, we found out from Dr. Byrne that Cristina is about 2 cm dilated. This means that the gears are starting to turn in that little play-doh factory and a baby should be popping on out soon.

As I mentioned earlier, we are all about following the crowd and popular trends, so if you want to be dialed in to this birth as it unfolds, you can get connected at the following places:

http://twitter.com/fellin — This is my Twitter feed. I will post very brief real-time updates here as birthing news develops. Some of you probably pride yourselves on not using Twitter. Don’t fool yourselves, I do not think you are somehow cooler than the crowd or unpretentious for not using Twitter. Get over yourself and sign up.

What a Twitter update might look like:Its 2am and contractions R 10m apart, 30 s in duration, Hsptl nurs sez ‘stay home’

www.facebook.com — I will post more detailed updates here in between twitter posts. These updates will probably happen more when we are sitting around waiting for the next big thing to happen.

What a Facebook update might look like:Okay we are checked into the hospital. Cristina is laying here waiting for the anesthesiologist. I took a picture of this hot nurse for my single friend Rusty, What do you think dude?” [picture of hot nurse here]

http://qik.com/shaumah — This is my live streaming video page. From here I can stream video from my phone and anyone on the webpage can watch it in real-time. All videos are saved on the site so if you miss anything, you can just click on any video to view it.

Don’t worry, I won’t be taking video of anything graphic, it’s not my style. Just an occasional video of us hanging out in the hospital room and more after baby Christian comes.

Thanks for playing!!


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