Some details on Christian’s arrival time…

February 9, 2010

So Cristina was supposed to see the doctor yesterday, but some impertinent hussy had the gall to require an emergency C-section right about the time of her appointment.

As a result, the Doctor finally got in to see her at his office at almost 7:00 pm. I would feel bad for the guy but for the following two facts:

  1. He is always way overbooked. Here’s a tip dude, try to keep the number of pregnant women around you to a bare minimum and you won’t have to skip dinner so much.
  2. The guy makes plenty of dough. He could probably write out prescriptions on 10 dollar bills and not even notice.

But we like him anyway.

So he says that the ultrasound Cristina got on Friday that estimated the baby’s weight is probably wrong (he thinks the baby weighs more than the scale does. Christian was, understandably, offended by the suggestion and is currently not on speaking terms with the doctor.  Nevertheless it looks like we are going to try to kick start this labor by using  prostaglandin gel.

Now, some of you may be unfamiliar with this gel business. Let me put it into heavy machinery terms so that it is more relatable to you:

I’m sure most of you have tried to start something like a CAT 963 track loader that hasn’t been run for awhile. You are probably also familiar with how, after using a jump pack to make sure the battery has enough juice to turn the starter, sometimes the engine still won’t quite get going for whatever reason. Well, what do we all do in that situation? That’s right, we spray some starter fluid into the intake manifold which combusts at a much lower temperature than vaporized diesel fuel and Ta-Dah! We have a running engine

So basically the Doctor has his own version of starter fluid and he intends to get the engine going tomorrow. We don’t really know if it will work, but it’s a step in the right direction for sure.

Onward Christian Shoulders


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