Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

February 12, 2010

So, here’s the long version of the last two days (please pardon me if you don’t find this interesting, but take solace in knowing that the odds heavily favor me not really finding you interesting either) :

On Thursday (after getting bumped from her Wednesday time slot by women I like to refer to as “an easy lay-bor”) Cristina got a treatment of what’s called Prostaglandin Gel. Basically it’s a gel that has a chemical which induces dilation.

In child’s terms: it’s like a helper that unfolds your slip-and-slide so you can lay it out on a hill and turn the water on.

After the gel was applied, Cristina sat in the hospital under observation for a few hours while I took Sariah with me to do some work at our equipment yard. After several hours of no action (just some minor contractions that only were noticeable only by a contractionomograph machine, they kicked her out of the hospital and I came and picked her up.

We decided to go to the grocery store to get some Pedialyte for Sariah who hadn’t been feeling well and pick up a few other essentials. About halfway through the produce aisle Sariah, in my arms, puked (blargh) all over herself and me. Nice. I put her down on the (blarghhhh) floor where she continu(blarggggghh)ed to throw up several ti(b)mes while (bla) Cristina ran (blarg) to get an employee with a (blllllllaaaaaaarggggh) mop.

I smiled and waved at passers-by.

After Operation: Clean-up on Aisle Five was completed, Cristina quickly checked out while I took Sariah out to change her clothes.

Contractions were still mild.

The next morning, we decided to make a trip to the mall for some good old fashioned walking. For three hours. I tracked the contractions on my phone until we had enough of our stupid umbrella stroller with the wheels that seem to have some kind of mind of their own regarding which direction we go (and since they never seem to agree with each other, or with the person pushing the stroller, they just seem to end up at odd angles and sliding across the floor leaving a trail of purple rubber).

At several points we thought things were progressing enough to start considering a hospital trip, but we never quite made it over that point where you know that something is actually happening. So we drove around doing some errands, walked through a couple model homes, went to Susan’s house (she lives near the hospital) and finally, around 6:30 pm, called it a day and came home to have dinner.

Where I am now.

Typing this.

And now, I hear in the background that Cristina has turned on the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  So — boom– I’m outta here.

Better luck tomorrow maybe.



  1. contractionomograph machine sounds like something you should keep at the equipment yard…

  2. That last post was me by the way… Stupid logins.

  3. i actually snorted i was just laughing out loud so much at your post. the barfing in the aisle (with the sound effects) combined with the umbrella stroller rant sent me over the edge. our little stroller does the exact same thing – so annoying! anyways – just try to settle in – the baby will come eventually… right?

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