We recommend…

Sometimes you need a service or product but don’t know where to go… I’ve compiled here a short list of some of the businesses/people/products we have used and been happy with:

Small business resources: So obviously I’m going to plug myself first, I am partner in a firm called “The Business Element” (website launching sometime mid – late June). Between me and two partners the firm offers marketing, financial strategies, sales training and graphic design to small – medium size businesses. We’re pretty awesome.

Paper Crafts: Cristina (my wife) makes really creative cards, name signs, scrapbook pages, etc… and sells them to the artistically challenged. Examples of her work can be found here.

Auto Mechanic: Ed at Auto Care Experts, based in Temecula. One time I thought my alternator was out. Instead he found out it was my battery terminal. A Five dollar fix — and he did it for free.

Accountant: Dave Morgan, CPA, I’ve worked with Dave professionally and also had him do my taxes. He not only found several (legal) ways to get us extra money on our last tax return, he also went over our returns from prior years and found us even more! davemorgancpa@sbcglobal.net

Religion: Our family highly recommends Mormonism.

Knitted Apparel: You can just feel how love has been hooked, twisted, pulled and knotted into each of the apparel and accessories at “I’d knit that”

Videography (weddings): Joel and Sarah Asay, based in Utah but willing to travel, they do some awesome wedding videos!!

Photography, Classic: Susan at Times to Treasure photography has a very elegant and classic photography style

Photography, Contemporary: Wendy Whitacre at Blue Lily phtotgraphy has an edgy and contemporary style

Real Estate/General Contractor: Pacific West Development (coming soon)

Dentist: Dr. Kelcey Lau treated my wife for several years in San Diego and then coincidentally moved to Temecula at the same time we did. Now we both go there.. awesome staff, awesome dentist.

Pediatrician: Dr. Bakr (sounds like Bokker) showed up the day Sariah was born and gave us his personal cell number in case we had any concerns. Which we did — at 2 am. But he was right there ready to answer questions and has been a great help for us and awesome with Sariah.

Graphic Design: Jarod Baker has been doing design work for me for three years now and I am never disappointed. He has a great way of hearing your idea and making it a reality.



  1. Awe man, what do I gotta do to earn the qowbell stamp of approval… I already let you name my shop and gave you free merchandise!

    I’m really just kidding… You don’t have to put me on there…although good luck not feeling guilty enough to do it anyway. 🙂

  2. So true Jana, but you’ll notice that I also forgot to put my business and Cristina’s business. This means that you are an elite group of “businesses too awesome to be remembered”

    I’m adding our awesome-ness now…

  3. Thanks, I feel validated now :)!

  4. SO. Thanks for adding me and giving me your seal of approval. come in for some pics, eh? Also, I’m emailing your friend cuz somebody needs an accountant (ME)

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